Autor Wątek: Tiger Accordion made in Italy  (Przeczytany 1966 razy)

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Tiger Accordion made in Italy
« 04 lis 2014, 19:56 »

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Odp: Tiger Accordion made in Italy
« Odpowiedź #1, 04 lis 2014, 22:00 »
Tak o tym modelu wypowiadali się jego twórcy:

In the mid-60s, we recognized the changing dynamic in music as rock'n'roll captured the interest of youngsters. Working with Bill Palmer, we designed and introduced the Tiger Combo'Cordion.

This was a line of compact and colorful accordions (in a choice of three Fiat car colors: fire, sun and blue moon), featuring quint treble tuning for "piercing lead or swinging chords in audio colors to flip the crowds" according to Hullabaloo magazine's description. Electronic pickups provided a spectacular "biting" sound and a voice microphone was fixed onto the top of the Combo'Cordion ready for song.

The instrument's keyboard angle followed the slanted grille so that flying fingers could easily be seen by the audience.

The program didn't succeed because accordion teachers saw rock as a passing fad. They disliked the music and refused to teach it to their students. Consequently, students drifted away from accordion to electric guitars and keyboards on which they could learn the music they wanted to play.